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Policies and Guidelines

Request for a High Resolution copy of Historical Materials

  1. Full copy of the public domain rare materials can be accessed freely online.
  2. Some recently published books (1921 onwards) are restricted. Only few pages can be uploaded due to copyright concerns.
  3. Library watermark is set on every page of the book / image.
  4. Request for a higher resolution copy of a page/image from the digitized materials must be done online. The requesting party must:
    • Accomplish an online request form and send to
    • Await for the notification and quotation to be sent by the library in 2-3 days via e-mail. For one high resolution image, there is a charge of Php 200.00.
    • Payment thru bank transfer.
    • Proof of payment should be sent.
    • Expect the copy/ies in one week, depending on the number of requested images and other contingencies.



Access to Current University Publications


The following specific holdings have different guidelines:


  1. Acta Manilana
    • Display of Acta Manilana shall include the Cover page, Year, Volume Number, Editorial Board and Table of Contents.
    • Only abstract of articles published in current issues of the Acta Manilana will be made available online and be downloaded for free. Abstract shall include the e-mail address of the principal/primary authors. Request access to full papers may be directed to the Editor of the Acta Manilana.
    • Full paper of articles published in Acta Manilana from 2009 or earlier may be uploaded in the web and downloaded for free.
  2. Tomás
    • Full texts of Tomás publications (regardless of its recency) can be fully accessed by the researchers.
  3. Theses / Dissertations
    • The thesis/dissertation are displayed in pdf format.
    • Only the title page, approval sheet, abstract, table of contents, and reference/bibliography are uploaded online and can be downloaded for free.
    • Request access to full thesis/dissertation may be directed to the UST Miguel de Benavides Library.
  4. Boletín Eclesiástico de Filipinas
    • The issues are uploaded in pdf. Except the issues of the last five years all others are free.
  5. 2013 - 2015 Books Published by UST Publishing House
    • The cover, title page, copyright page and table of contents may be uploaded to the UST Digital Library Website.
    • The information may also be printed, provided that the UST Library watermark remains intact.
    • The information uploaded may only be used for research purposes. It is assumed that proper citation (in APA or MLA format) will be used by the researcher in his/her documentation.
    • The covers may not be altered or edited in any form whatsoever.
    • However, the information cannot be reproduced in any form (print or electronic) by the end user (the researcher) without the written permission of the UST Miguel de Benavides Library, the UST Publishing House, and the author.
    • Those interested to access the entire material may do so through the main library collection, or purchase the books from the UST Publishing House bookstore. Inquiries and orders may be sent to

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